Friday, May 3, 2013

I just knew it...

You know how some people say that people come into and out of your life for a reason?  Well, a couple of months ago, I wrote here about a drama I was involved in with the music department at my college.  It involved another non-music major student who studied voice with me and was two years behind me in school.  I don't really want to rehash what happened because you can read the post and get the whole lowdown there.  All I want to say is that I hoped that once I left our college, our paths wouldn't cross again.  While what happened was really idiotic and trivial, I try to give a wide berth to people who engage in blatant smear campaigns, even if they're really petty.

And our paths haven't crossed... exactly.  Except last night, a Facebook friend of mine who lives in Boston posted this hilarious story about how she accidentally flushed the key to her rental car down a public toilet.  I know this woman from working with her at a restaurant in Williamsburg, Virginia.  We have some mutual friends from other places, too.  For instance, she's friends with the guy who was my resident advisor my sophomore year and was the R.A. for the one men's hall (for freshmen guys) the year prior.  I had a lot of friends on that hall, so I knew him before he was my R.A.  He came on the thread and we reminisced a little about Longwood.  Then our mutual friend had another friend whose sister also went to Longwood and was two years behind me.  My friend's friend wanted to know if I knew her sister, since Longwood is a fairly small and cohesive school.  It turns out I didn't remember her sister, but then the sister got involved in our Facebook thread too.

The other Longwood graduate from the class of 1996 noticed we had a few mutual friends who were involved in music.  So she asked if I had been a music major.  I said I was an English major, but took a lot of music courses.  It turned out her roommate was a music major... and she happened to be friends with the wench who was trying to smear my name back in 1994.  I remember the two of them were conspiring like witches in a coven over that drama.  And then it also turned out that the wench who smeared my name was the Longwood grad's suitemate.  So she asked if I knew either of them.  I said I did, but didn't volunteer anything more, because she apparently is still friends with both of these women and the last time I want to do is reopen that ridiculous drama with them.  It still embarrasses me greatly that it actually happened.

I guess it just goes to show that there really are six degrees of separation in a lot of things.  Out of all the people out of the class of 1996 I could have interacted with, I had to run into the suitemate of the two women who caused so much petty drama during my last two months as an undergrad.  Crazy.

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