Thursday, June 6, 2013

4000 hits!

Hey... I just noticed that this blog has just surpassed 4000 hits!  Funny it took about a year to get to 1000 hits and now things are picking up.  I just added a new stat counter to analyze who's reading and what pages are most interesting.  I don't really write on this blog to please an audience per se... I just think it's interesting to see what kinds of goofy things lead people here.

I now have three blogs, by the way.  One is a travel blog.  One is a blog for my rantings and angst.  And then there's this blog, which is really dedicated to music and silliness.  Not every post is silly, of course, but I do try to keep things light around here.  I actually have a pretty well-developed sense of humor.

Here's a celebratory song by my good friend, Weird Wilbur...  It's his take on Conway Twitty's classic song, "Tight Fittin' Jeans".

By the way, I always wear tight fittin' jeans... but not because I'm wanting to be sexy.


  1. I like it much better than the original.

  2. Me too... When I used to do karaoke every week, there was a guy who sang Conway Twitty's version all the time. I would have loved to hear him do this version.


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