Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fuck You!

Last night, I was reading the story about a female sports blogger who was ragging on a cheerleader for Oklahoma City Thunder, an NBA team.  The blogger's post was really shitty, because she basically issued a couple of backhanded compliments and called the woman on the carpet for being "chunky".  My response?  Fuck her!

And that reminded me of a few funny songs called "Fuck You"... or including that phrase.

Lily Allen's hilarious song had me rolling last night, because it pretty much covered how I felt about this woman's mean-spirited blog post.  I decided last night that I like Lily Allen... a lot!!

Of course, Cee Lo Green also had a big hit called "Fuck You", which was toned down to "Forget You" so it would be radio friendly.

This song is great because it's got some old school soul in it.  The subject matter is about a guy whose crush is going out with a guy who has more money.  I'm sure that after this song hit the airwaves, that wasn't an issue anymore.  What a great jam!

Black Sheep had a great hit in the early 90s with their song, "For Doz That Slept"... supposedly because the album it came from was so boring.  I wouldn't know.  A friend of mine made me a mix tape with this song on it.  I have to admit, it's catchy as hell.  Sometimes I still sing it to myself.

And I was introduced to this high voltage song by Bad Religion just this morning.  You need energy?  Check this out.  It's called "Fuck You".

There's something empowering about a good "Fuck You"... but when I need a laugh, I like to go to Urban Dictionary and read all the definitions people have come up with for that phrase.  Yes, I know it's profane, but sometimes it's so appropriate.  And if I were Kelsey Williams, being ragged on about my "chunkiness" by some bitchy sports blogger, that's exactly what I would want to say in response.

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