Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Desperado done many different ways...

"Desperado" is one of those classic songs that everyone wants to do.  It was written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey and, of course, that is the best known and best loved version…

Given how militant Don Henley is about copyrights, it won't surprise me if this video is either pulled, muted, or blocked.  But here it is for the time being.  I do like the song and Don Henley as a performer, but I think he's a bit of an ass.

Linda Ronstadt also sang this song.  I think I like her version the best, mainly because it's easiest for me to copy…  ;-)

Clint Black gave this song a go for the Common Thread compilation album he and a bunch of country singers did for Don Henley's Walden Woods project.

Even Karen Carpenter sang this song!  I can only imagine Richard Carpenter negotiating for the rights to let Karen sing this.  The Carpenters vs. Don Henley and Glenn Frey (or their representatives)…  I bet it was epic.

And so did Kenny Rogers.  This rendition is kind of funny.  It sounds like pure 70s era lounge cheese!  I mean, Kenny sings it alright, but the keyboards are all shitty.  I can imagine sitting there at the bar with some kind of brown liquor getting all fucked up listening to this.  It might even make me want to start smoking.

As I'm scrolling through the renditions posted on YouTube, I see that many videos have been muted.  I know, it's all about copyright infringement and shit… but everyone knows the song and most of us have bought at least one copy of it.  Don and Glenn have made money and so have the record companies.  And honestly, as much as I respect someone's right to their intellectual property and all, I also think that if someone likes your music enough to post it or sing it and they aren't making money off of it, you can only benefit.

That being said, here's my version… for today, anyway.

This is a great song to let go on.  I do it well when I'm drunk.  Or maybe I just imagine it.  


  1. I used to be more expressive. I'm listening to you sing now, and you sound like Celine Dion quality. Bravo! I'm still learning, fun eh? That song sounds almost country-like. Why don't you sing something by the Carpenters??

  2. Thanks Christina. I think I might have done a Carpenters song or two.

  3. I think the kenny Rogers thing was funny, too. The negotiations for Karen carpenter to record the song must have been, as you said, spic.

    Hi Christina.

  4. Hi Alexis! You seem to have good taste. I like you both a lot! You make me excited. I just came over to read your blogs. =]

  5. My mom played a really old Carpenters' song called "'Drusilla Penny." Richard probably wrote it.

    1. I know that song. It's all about a groupie 'ho who wears too much makeup. It's like an anti rock anthem. And of course, Richard sings lead with his metallic vocals and sounds like a lecturing father figure. Too funny.


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