Monday, September 9, 2013

"Matters of the Heart"...

Back in 1998, I purchased Bonnie Raitt's 1995 live album Road Tested.  That album included a lot of Bonnie Raitt's best loved hits as well as a few really good covers.  Bonnie sang a lovely cover of Michael McDonald's introspective song, "Matters of the Heart".  Imagine my surprise when I found it on SingSnap.  I decided to sing it today.  I think it turned out pretty nice.

Here he is singing it...

I think it's a very poignant song that many people probably relate to...  Michael McDonald has gotten around over the years.  When I was writing a whole lot of CD reviews, I went through a phase in which it seemed like he had a hand in everything I was listening to.  But hell, he is a talent.  I love the challenge of a beautiful ballad.


  1. Nice. Always had a soft spot this one.
    Bacharach, Labelle and McDonald - not a bad trio. He was Doobie Brothers before?
    Why don't give America's Got Talent a bash?

    1. I like that song. Are you telling me I should try out for AGT?

    2. Sorry, I keep slipping into Irish slang...definitely give it a try, why not?

    3. Because I hate how I look on camera!

    4. That's crazy, you look fine. You'll have a blast, as in a great time.

    5. Stern wouldn't know talent if it !"%$%%%^ up his @(&^%%%$%&&^$£" with a (&^&^$%$$$.

    6. LOL... I never listened to his show. Except for the time James Taylor was on and sang "Woodstock".


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