Sunday, July 31, 2016

Haul Yo Heiny Outta Bed!

I thought I would never hear this again, but some enterprising soul has posted it on YouTube.  Now I can share it with you!

I used to listen to this on morning radio back in the late 1980s.

For some reason, I thought of this old recording yesterday and had to play it for Bill.  Maybe it's not as funny as it was when I was in high school, but it definitely qualifies as crap from the past that belongs in my Dungeon.  

Morning radio used to be pretty cool.  I wouldn't know how cool it is now, since I never listen to the radio anymore.


  1. It's a good song.

    I don't hear much morning radio because I listen to it only in the car, which is for my 99% on my way to work/school, and it's a VERY short commute. I listen only to Bob & Tom in the morning. Even without Bob it's still funny. It's something I learned to listen to becaus my parents listened to it (they had to stop briefly when I was 4 and repeating the words to "Captain Dildo,' but they started again after my mom and I talked about how some Bib& Tom songs aren't sons that would be good for other children or even for some adults in my extended family to hear, so I needed to run any song I heard on there by her before singing it in the presence of anyone but the immediate family.

    There's some male/female combo on one of the morning syndicates (Teri Ann is the female; I don't recall the male's name) who I find most unappealing. They ONLY talk about sex. it's supposed to be morning comedy, as opposed to one of the sex information shows such as Sue Johanson(TV) or Dr. Drew (TV and radio -- I think they're both late-night) which were/are more often than not funny (Sue Johanson's humor, at least on her part unintentionally -- I suspect the network was in on the joke -- I assume; there's something inherently hysterical about someone who looks like everyone's grandmother speaking very clinically about sex and often holding up props; Dr. Drew sometimes had comedian guests, but the content was relatively tightly controlled; Dr. drew didn't allow any misinformation to be disseminated; My parents used to allow matthew to listen to hit in bed t nights once he reached high school age; my mom felt that it was responsible programming and content that he was unlikely to ask Dad or my uncle about) but don't bill themselves as comedy. I think it's DAVE and Teri Anne, come to think of it. There seems to be no subject about which they can converse other than sex. I don't have any problem with a discussion of sex; it's just that I'm no longer in sixth grade and don't automatically laugh uproariously just because a person uses a synonym for coitus. One of my mom's nice but vapid secretaries used to rave about Dave and Teri Anne. ('They get REAL crazy every morning.') For Lucille, sex talk and humor were one and the same --- two circles of the exact dimensions entirely overlapping in a Venn diagram that just looks like a single circle unless you look really carefully and note the double-thickness of the perimeter. I expect something a bit creative in talk of sex in order to consider it bona fide humor.

    I don't have satellite radio though my car radio has the capacity. I may consider subscribing in the near future, though when traveling, I mostly listen to CDs anyway.

    1. I quit listening to radio years ago. Sad to say it, too... But at least I don't have to listen to ads.


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