Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More SingSnap drama...

I'm sorry to say it, but I think I may be outgrowing  I was one of the first members in 2006, but I quit for a few years.  I got back on the site in 2012 due to a reader who wanted to hear my vocals.  I have enjoyed the site for the past few years, but some of the people there are seriously immature and stupid.

Case in point.  Back in October 2015, I wrote a rant about SingSnap on this very blog.  When I wrote that rant, I knew it made me sound shitty.  So I didn't share it on the site itself, because I knew I would get nasty comments if I did.

Well, this morning, I listened to a duet recording someone did with me.  It happened to be one of the same people I ranted about in 2015.  Once again, he criticized me for being "camera shy".  Then, on the duet in question, the guy played his harmonica very badly... so badly that my parts couldn't be heard.  And I sat there flabbergasted because I wondered why he bothered singing with me.

I wrote a complaint on SingSnap's discussion boards.  Maybe my complaint came off as petty or rude, but I was actually a bit offended.  Here I was, offering a duet for someone to join in on.  On my parts, he played his harmonica... badly.  He didn't play his harmonica when it was his turn to sing.  And I wondered what the hell he was joining me for.  I mean, if you think your harmonica playing is that awesome, why do I need to sing?

So I posed the question in the forum and some stupid bitch accused me of being "full of myself" and "lacking character".  Wow.  She said I should be "grateful" anyone sang with me.  And then she chastised me because I didn't comment on every duet on my page.

Well... first off, yesterday was the first time I recorded anything in two weeks because I have had the flu. I have been sick and have neither sung nor listened to anyone sing because I was sick.  But generally speaking, I do leave comments for most people who sing with me.  I don't care if they suck, either.  People like positive comments and I do usually leave them.  But really, why is it okay for them to be offended if I don't leave a nice comment (that I may or may not mean), but it's not okay to be offended if someone drowns me out on a duet?

I am legitimately a very good singer.  I know this for a fact.  I have been told this by real musicians... people who are legit professionals.  I have made money as a singer.  I don't need someone to tell me I'm good because I know I am.  And I don't think I'm being arrogant to make that comment.  I studied voice for years and have had enough people validate me that I don't need to hear it from everyone.  My ego is not that fragile.  I make recordings because it's therapeutic for me and a lot of them never get any views or comments.  I don't really care.

However, when I open a duet, it seems to me that it should be a collaborative effort.  If my partner is playing a musical instrument over my vocals, how is that a collaboration?  Is it any different than being in a play with someone and having them drown out my lines somehow?  And I am supposed to be grateful that they joined me for this?  No thanks.  I find it extremely rude.

If you do a legitimate duet with me, I will appreciate your efforts, as long as they are collaborative.  Playing a fucking harmonica over my vocals is not a collaborative thing to do.  It's rude and inconsiderate, especially if the general expectation is that I will go, listen, and leave you thanks or a positive comment for joining me.  I don't actually want to encourage people who aren't generous enough to give a duet partner their due.  I don't sing over other people on open duets.  I don't play a drum or a piano while they sing.  I have enough respect for them to let them do their thing without interference.  All I am asking for is the same consideration.

Sigh... I could probably write more, but it's getting late and no one reads this blog anyway, except to read about Mindi Carpenter.


  1. I think yu were absolutely justified. I don't like harmonica players in general. i once was paid to play background music for someone's outdoor anniversary party. One of the guestsshowed up with a harmonica. He could only play in the key of C. Every time i played a song, he would ask me if I culd switch it to the key of C so he could join along. He wasn't very good, either, even in the key of C. Finally I switched to something classical, and when he asked me to change to the key of C, I was able to tell him quite honestly that a) it's not kosher to play piano classics in keys in which they weren't written; and B) in order to do that, I would have to play the class by ear, and it is also not kosher to play classics by ear. He wondered away for awhile. Then he came back wanting me to change everything to the key of C again. By then i was tired of him and just said no.

    1. That is very annoying! My uncle is an organ player and for many years, he was in a band. After the band dissolved, he and a buddy (who recently died) played in a duo at the hotel where my uncle was once manager. Lots of times, they indulged people who wanted to sing with them. They were good sports about it most of the time, but people can be obnoxious when they deal with live musicians.

  2. Regardless, he was rude. Why don't you wait until he records half of a duet, then join it by banging pot and pan lids together over his parts just to make a point. And whether you're feeling good or not, sou should not have to comment on eVERYONE who records duests with you.

    1. I blocked the guy. I also blocked the bitch who accused me of lacking character and being full of myself. She can go fuck herself.

      From now on, I'm just going to do what makes me happy.


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