Monday, May 5, 2014

Barry Gibb gets pissed off and walks off an Aussie talk show...

I recently found this clip that was from a long time ago.  The Bee Gees were being interviewed by Clive Anderson on the BBC and the host was being really obnoxious and rude to them.  Barry Gibb finally gets pissed and walks off the stage, followed by Robin and Maurice.  I figured I should post it for posterity.

I think under the circumstances, the Bee Gees were pretty classy about this situation.  I mean, Clive Anderson was being very rude to them.  They tolerated him longer than they probably should have.   And here is an interview where Maurice explains what happened. And just because I like 'em, here are a few of their songs from the disco era.

And here is a very bizarre cover of "Stayin' Alive" by Bruce Springsteen…  I guess he's a fan!

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