Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This is why I don't want to be on camera...

I get very nervous when I sing on camera... or do anything else for that matter.

But just for Irish Paul, I recorded a song with video...

My version of Paul Davis's "I Go Crazy"...


  1. Nothing wrong with that. You mentioned you've sang in public before so it's all possible.

  2. Yes, I have sung in public, but not on camera... or at least not when I was aware the camera was on me. I find it weird to sing on a web cam... It's kind of akin to having sex on camera and watching yourself. Lots of weird faces.

    1. LOL. Just imagine the camera is your hubby and forget about everyone else in the room. Singing is a little like acting, like role playing. When I did my drunken karoake I just focused on my missus and then I noticed she was booing as well....just kidding.

    2. That might be hard to do on a show like AGT!

    3. True, but build up slowly. From what I've heard about these types of shows there are a lot of behind the scenes auditions before you get to the main event. By the time you got to the main stage you'd be an old pro.


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