Monday, May 27, 2013

Bruce Cockburn...

I was first introduced to Canadian Bruce Cockburn in 1999, when Juliana Margulies' character on ER, Carol Hathaway, gave birth to twins.  Cockburn's song "Wondering Where The Lions Are" was playing at the beginning of the episode and I thought it was such a cool song that I went out and bought his album, Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws, which I'm pretty sure is from the late 1970s but still sounds great today.   I remember it being pretty inexpensive and I didn't play it that often... really, I just liked the one song.  But then one day, I decided to review it on Epinions and discovered that the whole album is pretty good.

The song "Incandescent Blue" just played, making me thing that maybe it's time to become reacquainted with Bruce Cockburn... and maybe go to Canada or something.

Music like this is timeless and perpetually cool.  Now I wish I'd learned how to play guitar.

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