Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Knee Deep...

I will admit that I don't listen to the radio much anymore, despite my love for music.  I add stuff to my personal library when I hear it somewhere.  If I'm watching TV or a movie and a song comes on I like but don't know, I'll use Shazam to identify it and purchase it.  Ditto if I'm in a bar somewhere and have WiFi or access to a 4G network.

Several months ago, my husband and I were at a local taproom and the song "Knee Deep" came on.  It's by the Zac Brown Band and is obviously popular.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I'd never heard it before that night, though.  The bartender had requested it and mentioned the title, so when I got home, I found it on iTunes and downloaded it.

I like that song for its laid back appeal and carefree lyrics.  Yes, it's very popular and something you can sing along to, kind of like "Margaritaville" or "Volcano".  And it makes sense that this song features Jimmy Buffet, who is the originator of the aforementioned party songs.  "Knee Deep" is a song about relaxing and feeling good.  It makes me smile.  Having grown up near the ocean, I agree with the sentiment... and wish I were knee deep somewhere in the surf.

Today, I'm feeling a little stressed and depressed, so I smiled when it came on just a few minutes ago.  I felt like I needed to blog about it, because there's no crap from the past floating around on my brain right now.

Maybe I'll have to get to know the Zac Brown Band better... and bring my musical tastes up to date.

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