Thursday, May 30, 2013

Turned on my 70s mix today...

Since the TV is still messed up, I've been listening to a lot of music over the past couple of days.  Yesterday, I played my "comforting" playlist.  Today, I turned on my 70s mix.  As I've listened to tunes for the past few hours, one thing has become very clear to me...  The 70s had some great music.  And the 70s also had some really goofy music.

Goofy music is, in a large part, what this blog is all about.  I love really cheesy music from my childhood.  Yes, a lot of it is mediocre.  Some of it even makes me cringe.  It always reminds me of a simpler time, though.  The 70s were a good time to be born, in my very humble opinion.  Being a 70s baby means you're not that old... yet.  But you were around at a time when people weren't so paranoid about everything.  You could go outside and play without someone calling CPS on your parents.  You didn't have the lure of a personal computer or a cell phone to occupy your attention.  And the music was fun.

Here are just a few songs from that time I've heard on iTunes today...

Boris the Spider by The Who

Dance, Dance, Dance by Chic

Black Water by The Doobie Brothers

On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

Hole In My Life by The Police

Pretty Maids All in A Row by The Eagles

And the ever popular Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet...

Not bad.  Actually, listening to Buffet makes me wish I was on my way to Key West.  I could use some beach time.  I thought was going to get some in Greece and Italy, but I was mistaken.  

The 70s rocked for rock songs...   And now that it's Thursday, I wouldn't mind taking a trip to "Margaritaville".

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