Saturday, June 15, 2013

Robert John...

I have always liked this song by Robert John, even though it's basically a song about a guy who was having a fling with another woman.  He breaks up with the other woman when his wife/significant other comes back into the picture.

I see by this video that Robert John's career might have been cut short by his rather average looks...

I liked this song because I liked the melody and John's mellow vocals... never really paid much attention to the lyrics until one day I played the karaoke version to see what it sounded like.  The words were pretty clear.  A guy is telling his girl on the side that they have to break up because his woman is coming home...  And that makes me think that both of the women could probably do better and neither of them should have "Sad Eyes" over a guy like him.

I will admit that I still like this song, though.  It's so 1979 I can't stand it.


  1. It's a nice song. I like his voice.

  2. Had you not heard this before? It was a big hit well before your time.


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