Sunday, October 13, 2013

Watched lots of Glee yesterday...

The Oxygen Network was showing a marathon.  The episodes I saw yesterday were ones I had seen when I still watched Glee regularly.  As I watched, it occurred to me that most of the people on that show have voices that are very similar or have, in some way, been altered so they sound the same.  Granted, I have sung in ensembles before and when you sing in a group, it's best that everyone blends.  So I guess in that respect, it makes sense that all the people on Glee sound so similar.

But I noticed that all the actors on that show, when they sing, have very similar sounding vocals.  It's very accurate, with no texture or character.  Just straight, pure pop.  But if you were to blindfold me, I might have some trouble determining who's singing what.  It sounds like a sound engineer totally stripped their voices of any distinguishing characteristic so that it's pure bland pop magic.

This video is from the show's premiere in 2009, which I happened to see on iTunes in Germany, where it was offered as a free download.  I notice as the show has continued, the very refined, ultra perfect vocals have continued... It reminds me of the airbrushing done to models for magazines.

I actually really like what they did with Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream".  In fact, I like it better than the original.  The above episode aired yesterday and I was enthralled anew.

I lost interest in Glee sometime in 2012 or so... I just quit watching.  I was sad to hear about Cory Monteith's death over the summer.  Maybe I'll find Glee's tribute episode to him.

It is an entertaining enough show.  I wasn't involved in music when I was in high school.  Kind of wish I had been.  It might have changed the course of my life.   I wish the folks on Glee would show a little vocal diversity, though.  Might be more interesting.


  1. I'm not a fan of perfection that is generated by technology.

    1. Yeah. I think that many of the people on Glee are good singers naturally, but it really sounds like a sound engineer polished their sound somewhat.


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