Thursday, July 18, 2013

When You Believe...

I went through a brief Whitney Houston phase when I was a teenager.  I used to listen to her debut album all the time as I rode my bike to and from the barn where I boarded my horse.  As I got older and Whitney got flakier, I stopped listening to her music as much.  But even at the end of her life, I admired her voice.  Whitney Houston, in her prime, had a huge, pristine voice that came directly from her God given genetic makeup.  

Some time ago, Whitney recorded a duet with Mariah Carey, another naturally gifted singer.  I never really went through a Mariah phase.  She was popular when I was in college and by that time, I had pretty much stopped listening to pop music.  I do like a few of Mariah Carey's songs, but generally I prefer Whitney's voice to hers, even as I recognize how beautiful her voice is.

I love both singers on "When You Believe".  They really made this a moving duet, even though their voices are breathy and a bit over-embellished.  I was listening to it this morning and feeling kind of inspired.  So that's why I'm blogging about it today.  This is a song that not many people could pull off the way Whitney and Mariah do.  It gives me goose bumps, tears in my eyes, and a huge lump in my throat.  I'm such a sap.  

Today on SingSnap, there's a duet challenge.  You're supposed to sing a song with someone from another country.  I may do one with the Norwegian guy I ran into the other day, if he wants to join in.  If it turns out decently, I'll post it.   


  1. That would be cool to do one with the Notwegain guy. is she were into the sort of thing, I could convince my mmom to reord something with one of her cousins feom Ireland.

    I like Mariah's and Whitney's duet of "When You Believe," but, for whatever reason, my favorite version of the song is by Chloe Agnew.

    1. I haven't heard Chloe Agnew's version. Might have to find it.

      One of my old English professors listened to my duet with the Norwegian dude and was all surprised. I reminded her that Dr. Stinson (my recently deceased advisor) used to tease me for studying music for fun. And she responded, "You can obviously do anything--as Dr. Stinson knew . . . "

      I'm so glad I went to Longwood.


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