Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Beth Nielsen Chapman...

I really love Beth Nielsen Chapman's music.  Yesterday, while messing around on SingSnap, I discovered a couple of her songs were listed that I knew and can sing somewhat decently.  Both were songs she had apparently written in tribute to her late husband, who died in 1994 of cancer.  Beth Nielsen Chapman is herself a cancer survivor.  I find her melodies beautiful and her lyrics very moving.   I can tell that she and her husband shared a special love for each other.

She has also written a number of songs for popular singers like Trisha Yearwood, Willie Nelson, Alabama, and a shitload of others I can't think of right now.  I think some of the singers who perform her faster songs are better singers than she is, though when she sings the songs that are dedicated to her husband, I think there's no better singer.  I really respect her.  She's a fellow Air Force brat, too.

The first song is "I Find Your Love"...

I couldn't find her version of "Touch My Heart" on YouTube.  I covered it myself, though.  It's after my version of "I Find Your Love".

Despite my ribald sense of humor, I seem to have a knack for jazz and pretty ballads.  I played this for Bill last night and he cried.  I can always tell when his emotions are tweaked.  He's very Irish.

All this recording is sharpening my skills on the computer, too.  I do need to take another vacation so I can add new photos.  Or maybe I should just get brave and use some pictures of Bill and me.  Of course, when you do that, you invite the meanies to comment.

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