Monday, December 30, 2013

Two cheesy songs from the 70s that I just LOVE...

Thanks to Alexis for reminding me of the magic of this song…

Here's a fun "live" version of "Afternoon Delight", a song famously about having sex in the afternoon. Frankly, we like daytime sex in my house too, since my husband's brain tends to go down with the sun.  He's very much a morning person, if you catch my drift.

This song is cheesy, but damn… the harmonies are awesome!  And I never get sick of listening to it, even when I'm feeling sick.

Another big song from 1976 that I just fuckin' love is "Let Your Love Flow" by The Bellamy Brothers.  Every time I hear this song, I see sunshine and everything just seems so awesome.  This song seems like it was just made to be a Mountain Dew jingle.  I picture guys in cutoff jeans shorts, swinging out on a rope over a swimming hole in the middle of summer.     

The 70s had so many sunny pop songs and it didn't matter so much what a person looked like, as long as he or she had a modicum of talent.  Granted, I think a lot of musicians ended up being indentured servants to the music industry and nowadays, there's more freedom.  Hell, nowadays, most anyone can put something out there for the world to enjoy…  Even I can record songs if I want to.  

But I did enjoy the 70s and I was around for most of them.  

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