Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Playing with my new mixer...

I just bought a new Yamaha mixer to use with my vocal recordings.

Prior to purchasing my mixer, I was using a regular mic with a USB converter…

The mic with the USB converter worked fine, but I was really interested in finding a setup that would offer clearer sound.  I had been wanting a mixer for a long time, but hesitated to spend the money because I'm a technodunce.  I finally broke down and bought my mixer last week.  It arrived on Friday and I had a hell of a time getting it set up on my computer so that it worked.  

I use an iMac, so I was short a port…  Finally, I had to invest in a USB interface.  It arrived yesterday and I was finally able to get my mixer going.  So far, I've recorded a few songs.  I'm still playing with the settings to get the thing sounding the way I want it to.  But just for comparison, here's me singing The Carpenters' "Sing" with just the USB mic.

Decent sound.  A little echoey.

This is with the mixer.  I'm still working on the settings.

I may decide I'd rather sing with the USB converter.  It's less cumbersome.  But then, I haven't experimented that much yet.  I may post more results later.  I'm just getting started.  


  1. Very nice! i think i like the mixer. I'm not a big country music fan, but i liked Jackson.

    How does your equipment compare with what Richard Carpenter and Mindi Carpenter use when they're recording for fun? Would you consider recording a duet with either one of them?

    Cute childhood pic, btw.

  2. I don't like most modern country music, but I do like a lot of the classic stuff. It's probably because of where I'm from and what my parents used to play on the radio in the car. June Carter had a very sultry voice. I don't think Reese Witherspoon quite did it justice in "Walk the Line", though she did the singing parts fine.

    As for Mindi and Richard, I probably wouldn't want to duet with either of them… Maybe I'd perform with Richard if he played piano with me. And Mindi, if she sang "Little Altar Boy".

    That picture is not of me. It belongs to the guy who sang with me… I'm guessing it's either a daughter or a granddaughter. I did sort of look like her as a kid, though.


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