Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pop filter needed!

So here's me doing "Blue Bayou", a song I know by heart and can generally sing with few issues.

I notice as I listen to this recording, that the mic is now picking up heavy p's, f's, b's and such.  In fact, it sounds like my f's get a little sloppy on this, even though with the naked ear I can't hear it as I do it.  It sounds like I spit into the mic.  I have a pop filter, but it's one that is designed to go on a fixed mic stand rather than a mic you hold in your hand…  I don't have a suitable mic stand to use it with.

Guess I need to buy one of these…

Fortunately, they are very cheap.

This recording of "Crazy" doesn't use effects, while I inadvertently left them on for "Blue Bayou"…

I think the recordings turn out better without the reverb effects and such.  But I guess it's good to have them anyway.


  1. Very nice. I think the reverb effects are OK.

  2. Yeah, on further study, I think I agree with you.


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