Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nicolette Larson...

In 1979, this song, penned by Neil Young, was a big hit...

"Lotta Love" was sung by the late Nicolette Larson, wife to Russ Kunkel.  Larson died in 1997 of cerebral edema and liver failure.  As I understand it, Larson took too much Valium and Tylenol PM.  It's important to remember, folks, that too much acetaminophen can kill you by damaging your liver.  In any case, this is a great song that sounds so 1979, yet also sounds excellent today.

Larson also contributed vocals to this hit song from 1981 by the Dirt Band...

I daresay Nicolette Larson and the Dirt Band made a little magic here.

Hard to believe Nicolette Larson has been gone for almost 15 years.  May she rest in peace.

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