Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bonding over obscure game show themes...

My friend Amy was on Facebook tonight, lamenting that she had a game show theme from the 70s stuck in her head and couldn't figure out what it was.  I had a feeling I knew which one she was talking about, but I didn't remember the name of it or which show it was on.  I mean, like Amy, I thought it came from The Newlywed Game, but I got that wrong.

Then I thought maybe it was The Dating Game.  But that was wrong too.  Amy typed out the phonetics of the piece and I knew then that we were thinking of the same thing.  Then I realized the music sounded like Herb Alpert.  So off I went to YouTube and minutes later, I triumphantly posted this...

Amy was ecstatic.  And then she said I was a marvel for figuring that out...

Not really, though.  I used to wait tables at a restaurant that had a CD they used to play that had "Spanish Flea" on it.  It also had "Typewriter"...  You have to know how that kept me buzzing through a shift.

Anyway, now I've done my good deed for the night.  And now that I've figured out what that piece is, I will never forget it.  Might come in handy if I'm ever in a trivia contest.   


  1. my dad owns an old herb Alpert vinyl album from his childhood. He got it for Shristmas one year. He says Herb & the tijuana Brass were never among his favorites, but he occsionlly listen to it for the ake of nostalgia. His favorite Herb Alpert song was and ir "Casino Royale." He says it leways puts him in a good mood to hear it.

  2. My parents ha "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" and I used to listen to it all the time. In 1987, he made kind of a comeback with "Keep Your Eye On Me" and I bought it because it was on sale. I played that tape all the time.

    Too much Herb Alpert can be annoying, though.


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