Sunday, September 15, 2013

Children's Crusade...

Back in the 80s, I went through a weird phase that made me a little obsessed with Sting and his then brand new solo album, Dream of the Blue Turtles.  The song on that album that I liked the best was "Children's Crusade".


Sting was so young back then.  So was I.  Back then, I had some rather unhealthy fixations with dieting, of all things.  To look at me today, you'd never believe it.  To look at me then, you'd never believe it... unless you spent time with me.  I talked about dieting all the time.  For some reason, this song stuck in my head.

So did this one...

I used to obsess over calories and exercise and these songs seemed to really facilitate those obsessive feelings.  I have long since given up the whole thing.  I can no long starve myself like I used to and even if I did, it would make no difference.  But when I head these songs, it takes me back to when I was 13 or 14 and a little crazy and obsessed.  A lot of Sting's songs are about obsession... and so are some of the later Police songs.


"Every Breath You Take" was a notoriously obsessive song...  as "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and "King of Pain"...

Those days seem so long ago now...  I wouldn't want to revisit them, except maybe to tell my teen self not to waste my time.  

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