Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'll Remember April...

My mother-in-law asked me to sing this song for her sister, who requested it after she heard me sing "This Masquerade".  After learning the song, I spent a couple of hours making this yesterday and it turned out nice enough.

I probably should have done this in a lower key, since it's right on the border of where my head and chest voices meet.  This is the Frank Sinatra version, though, so it was supposed to be for a male voice anyway.  Lowering the key would have required me to spend more time on this project, though, and I was feeling really lazy.

This song has been used in a couple of movies.  It made its debut in the 1942 Abbott and Costello comedy Ride 'em Cowboy and since then, it's been covered by a lot of different folks.  I'm glad I learned the song.  Maybe I'll redo it in a better key for my voice.  

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