Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Joni Mitchell wrote sort of a heartbreaker of a holiday song back in the 70s.  Her song, "River", is on her album, Blue.  I've always loved that album for its intimacy and Joni's vocals, which at that time were pristine.

In those days, she was doing a lot of work with James Taylor, who did his own version for his holiday album a few years ago.  I actually own the Hallmark version of JT's album, but he later released one that included a few more songs that were on other albums that I already owned.

Here she is listening to James sing her song.

My YouTube friend shargram also covered it, quite decently, I might add… which inspired me to try it too.  I see now that a shitload of people have done "River" on YouTube.  

Nevertheless, though this song is equivalent to a musical 'ho, I think it turned out pretty.


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