Sunday, December 8, 2013

Walk Like An Egyptian… bluegrass style...

Someone posted this on my Facebook last night.

Since "Walk Like An Egyptian" was a hit in the 80s, I figure it has a place on Dungeon of the Past…

This is the original video by The Bangles, which were one of a handful of girl bands back in the day.  I always liked this song and a few of their other songs, which were very catchy and featured the sexy Susanna Hoffs singing lead.

I think it takes guts to remake a song like "Walk Like An Egyptian" into a bluegrass number.  That trio does alright with it, though.  I might have to find more of their stuff.  Their take on The Bangles' old hit reminds me of The Infamous Stringdusters' take on U2's "In God's Country".

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