Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jude Johnstone...

Singer-songwriter Jude Johnstone has written some beautiful songs for a wide variety of songs for singers like Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Trisha Yearwood.  I happen to own a couple of her albums.  I like her music because it's deeply personal and and poignant.  One song she wrote that a lot of country music fans might be familiar with is "The Woman Before Me", which was a hit for Trisha Yearwood.

The Woman Before Me

Another song she wrote was the beautiful "Wounded Heart", which was covered by Bonnie Raitt and featured on Army Wives during its first season.  

Jude Johnstone sings "Wounded Heart".

One of my favorite songs written by Jude Johnstone is "The Nightingale", which Trisha Yearwood covered.  I also sang it and blogged about it last year.  


Jude Johnstone sings "The Nightingale"

Emmylou Harris covers Johnstone's "Hold On"…

It's been awhile since I last sat down and listened to Jude Johnstone's music.  She's an amazing talent who likely doesn't get the notoriety she deserves.  But maybe she prefers it that way.  Her music is reflective and makes me think that maybe she's an introvert.

Bonnie Raitt covers "Wounded Heart"

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